Our Sukhpur Roha Gaam has many monuments & buildings located around the gaam such as:

  • New Sukhpur Roha Samaj
  • 2 Swaminarayan Mandirs (ladies & gents)
  • Sukhpur Roha Muktidham
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Mahadev Mandir
  • Mataji Mandir

The total population of Sukhpur is approximately 1,000.

There are big temples of Lord Shree Swaminarayan for males and females in both sides of the village. We also find several temples of Shree Hanumanji and Lord Shiva in different parts of the village. There are boys and girls primary schools in Sukhpur Roha. Shree Swaminarayan Temples provide grass fodder for cows in the village and also have special area for proving water. The modern facilities of Telephone, Post office and Banks serve the population of the village.

OUR HIstory

Our village was first name ‘Satpar’ (abode of truth). When and why it was renamed ‘Sukhpur’ (abode of happiness) is not known. It is said that our village began its existence about two hundred years ago when its foundation stone was laid by two pioneers:- Manabapa Nakrani and Dungarbapa Pindoria.

The story goes that our two elders were travelling from east to west in search of a place for settlement. At dusk, they arrived at Vijpasar which then was a prosperous place being resided by wealthy Barots, a gifted community well renowned for its hospitality. The Barots enquired of the travellers in the evening as to where they intended to go. Our two men replied that they were looking for a place where they can earn their bread and make their permanent home. The Barots suggested that they need not travel any further and they could, if they so desired,cultivate the land near Vijpasar and they promised to obtain for them permission from the local ruler.

Readers of Indian history are well aware of the connections the Barots had with their rulers. On the following day, one of the Barots went to the consort of the ruler Rajmata Santoba, who was an extraordinary lady taking keen interest in the worth of precious stones, was impressed to hear their resolve to work hard. She granted them permission to form a new village names ‘Satpar’.

The foundation of a Hindu village is laid by formal installation of an idol of Lord Hanuman. Our two pioneers duly conformed to this auspicious beginning by installing an idol of Lord Hanuman and also a temple of Lord Shiva. It is a Hindu belief that Lord Hanuman keeps evil spirits out of the village and Lord Shiva destroys our evil desires. Thus began a community with the kins of both these families and were persuaded to settle in Sukhpur.

The suffix -Roha was added to merely distinguish it from another Sukhpur.

Today, our village has 24-hour water supply, electricity and telephone facilities. We have an excellent transport system. Our natural scenery surrounding the village is second to none. High mountains shelter the village almost on all sides. The village is the trading centre of the surrounding villages and hamlets. Indeed our pioneers could not have chosen a better place to settle in Kutch.

With the passage of time the village expanded rapidly thus creating an abundance of labour. To help the family income, some male breadwinners went to other parts of India whilist the more adventurous went to Africa and England to look for work. As they prospered in various parts of the world, the breadwinners decided to call their whole families to repatriate to Africa and England.The settlement in England grew so big that they setup an annual gathering and named it... 
"Shree Sukhpur-Roha Leve Patel Community UK"